What is StarSocial?
StarSocial is the app that rewards you for the moments best shared.  Earn and redeem StarPoints across our network of 50+ top notch venues.  

How do StarPoints work?
Earn 1 StarPoint for every $10 you spend, and redeem StarPoints for discounts or items at over 50 locations. Each StarPoint is worth 1 NZD.  

How do I join?
Download the StarSocial App from the Google Play Store, or Apple App Store, or register an account online.  

How do I earn StarPoints?
To earn StarPoints, download the StarSocial App and scan the QR code or give staff your phone number before making payment. StarPoints will automatically accrue at 10% of your bill total.  

How do I redeem StarPoints?
StarPoints can be used as a discount off your bill, or you can choose items to redeem in the StarSocial App.  To redeem StarPoints, scan the QR code in the StarSocial App or give staff your phone number. Let staff know what item or how much you’d like to redeem before making payment.  

Can I redeem StarPoints on the same transaction that I earned them?
No, you must redeem StarPoints on the next transaction, they can’t be earned and applied in the same order.  

Do I have to redeem all my StarPoints at once?
You can choose to redeem all your StarPoints at once, or just part of your total. Just let staff know in advance.  

How do I redeem an item?
To redeem an item in the App, select the item you wish to purchase and click confirm. Once confirmed, Points will be deducted from your balance for the item amount, and the item will appear in ‘Your Gifts’, accessible from the home screen of the App. Points Shop items have an expiry after purchase, be sure to check and redeem this item ahead of its expiry.  

Do StarPoints expire?
StarPoints are valid for 183 days from the date earned. At this time, they will automatically expire and be removed from your account. To receive reminders ahead of any balance expiry, opt into marketing comms by updating your profile here in the App.  

Is there a maximum amount of StarPoints you can earn?
You can earn up to 1000 StarPoints in a 24-hour period.  

Can I register without an email address?
No, the only way to register for the StarSocial is with an email address.  

How do I update the email address or phone number in my account?
An email address or phone number can only be used once. If you need to update your email or phone number, log in with your existing account, select ‘update account’, update your details and click save. If you’re locked out and can’t get into your account, contact us at starsocial@stargroup.nz  

I forgot to scan / link my StarSocial account, can I still get StarPoints?
Yes, get in touch with us here within 14 calendar days of your purchase and we can load any missed StarPoints for you. We will need proof of purchase which shows the date and amount spent. You can view your receipts in the StarSocial App under ‘my profile’ and ‘orders’.  

Can I transfer my StarPoints to a friend?
Your friend will need to have their own StarSocial account set up before you can share. To share rewards, head to the ‘more’ tab in the app, select ‘share starpoints’ and follow the prompts. You will receive a code that you can copy and share.  

Can I earn StarPoints on ticketed / prepaid events?
Yes. We need to load these manually. Email us a copy of the invoice for your event and we will load StarPoints once your ticketed event date has passed.  

I have an event / function booked with you. How do I get StarPoints for this?
If paying on the night, simply scan the QR code in the StarSocial App, or give your phone number to staff ahead of making payment. StarPoints will automatically accrue at 10% of your bill total.  If paying via invoice, we will manually load StarPoints to your account once we have received payment. Please ask the event coordinator at the establishment to send a request through to have these loaded.    

Do you still do Birthday Rewards?
Not at this stage. It is something we are reviewing in the future.  

Can I get a physical Loyalty Card?
We’re trying to minimise our impact on the environment so have moved away from plastic cards. To identify yourself when visiting, simply give staff your phone number, or scan the QR code in the StarSocial App.  

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from emails?
You can update your preferences by logging into your StarSocial account and under ‘update account’ ticking or unticking the Opt in to Marketing Comms check box. Note you will need to be subscribed to Marketing Comms in order to receive expiry reminder notifications.  

What data do you collect and how is this used?
We’re transparent about how we collect and use data. You can view a copy of our Privacy Policy here and request a copy of the data we have for you by contacting us here. We do not sell your data to third parties. Star Group has stringent processes to safeguard customer information within the StarSocial app.  

How do I get my additional 5% item discount as a SuperStar member and 10% item discount as a MegaStar or SocialStar member?
Membership level discounts will automatically be applied to any applicable items and the discount will be reflected in the final sale price once tendered. To keep or get Membership level benefits, simply earn the required amount of StarPoints in a 12-month period. Read more here.  

Other questions?
Get in touch with us at starsocial@stargroup.nz and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.