Events Terms & Conditions

1. These Event Terms & Conditions apply to all reservations (the “Reservations”) at participating establishments (the “Participating Establishments”) operating under STAR HOSPITALITY GROUP LIMITED (“Star” or “we”). A list of Participating Establishments can be found here.

2. By making a Reservation, you agree to be bound by these Event Terms and expressly accept the applicability of these Event Terms.  

3. STAR may alter these Event Terms from time to time. If the Event Terms are changed after you have made a Reservation, we will inform you of these changes using the contact details you provided at the time of your Reservation. Regardless, we recommend that you review these Terms from time to time for any changes.

4. If, for any reason, the Participating Establishment is unable to meet its obligations in respect of any Reservation, we reserve the right to cancel any such Reservation without liability and will refund any deposits made.  


5. If a reservation has a minimum spend of $10,000 or more, we require a non-refundable deposit to be paid to secure your reservation. The amount of the deposit is 25% of the amount of minimum spend, and the deposit will be used to offset the amount payable that is stipulated in the final bill.    

6. Certain reservations require financial security to secure the booking, details of which will be brought to your attention by the Participating Establishment’s staff during the booking process.

7. Certain reservations will require credit card details to secure the booking, which include but shall not be limited to the following types of reservations:

A. Reservations that fall within the period from 1 November to 31 December; or
B. Reservations that require extra staff to be present; or
C. Reservations that require food to be pre-ordered in advance of your event date; or
D. Reservations that have a party of size greater than our online booking system allows; or
E. Reservations that fall on a Friday or Saturday night for certain Participating Establishments.


8. There may be a minimum spend and/or venue hire fee required for your event. This amount varies depending on the day of the week and time of your event.

9. If a minimum spend and/or venue hire fee (applies to your reservation, this will be brought to your attention during the booking process.  

10. At the conclusion of your event, you are required to pay either (i) the minimum spend and/or venue hire fee amount; or (ii) the final bill, whichever is greater.  


11. Please confirm all event details including those listed below at least fourteen (14) days prior to the event, unless otherwise agreed:

A. Food & Beverage Catering Requirements  
B. Dietary Requirements  
C. Pack In / Pack Out Schedule  
D. Payment Confirmation  

12. Please confirm final catering numbers at least (7) days prior to the event. The attendee numbers confirmed at this time are the minimum number that will be charged for Set Menu, Buffet, Banquet or Canape selections.  


13. Subject to clause 14 below, if the event is cancelled within the 2 weeks prior to the booking date:

A. If a deposit has been paid, the deposit will be forfeited;
B. If a deposit has not been paid, a cancellation fee equal to (i) 25% of the agreed minimum spend (if there is a minimum spend); or (ii) $500 will be charged, whichever is lower.  

14. If the event is cancelled within 1 week prior to the booking date, in addition to the above, you shall bear the costs in relation to full catering, hire, staff and any additional costs as determined at the discretion of the Participating Establishment.  

15. If we have hired equipment specifically for your event, you agree to have all associated costs of hire & / or cancellation fees charged to you.

16. The charges specified above shall be deducted from the credit card on file (if any).


17. Full payment of all services is required at the conclusion of the event.  

18. If you are a StarSocial member, you may utilise StarPoints to pay for or offset any part of the final amount payable.

19. Any amount paid using StarPoints will not enable you to earn StarPoints on that amount.

20. The maximum number of StarPoints that may be earned for an event is 1000 StarPoints.

21. If you are a Corporate Partner, you may utilise StarPoints to offset up to 50% of (i) the deposit (where applicable); and (ii) the full amount payable, provided that at the time of booking the function or event, or at least 72 hours prior to the function or event (whichever earlier), you  have informed your StarSocial account manager and the staff at the Participating Establishment of your intention to use StarPoints to pay/part-pay the relevant cost. All bookings must be made with your StarSocial account manager.

22. All prices include GST and are subject to change without notice.

23. Please note that all credit card payments will incur a surcharge.


24. Please note that any reimbursements, refunds or reversals will incur all related administrative costs including but not limited to those charged by third-party payment providers.


25. We operate licensed venues. This means that not only are we here to provide you with a great venue, but we need to look after everyone who walks through our doors. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse entry and/or service to anyone who is showing signs of intoxication, behaving in an offensive manner, or who cannot produce a valid form of identification upon request. For more information, please refer to the Policy on Host’s Responsibility here.


26. All event times have a standard duration of four (4) hours. Exceptions may be agreed upon from time to time, provided that you discuss with the Participating Establishment at least seven (7) days before your event. If a longer duration is required, additional fees (e.g. labour surcharges) may be imposed.

27. Upon conclusion of the event, you are to ensure that all your guests exit the venue.  

28. We and/or a Participating Establishment may end your event before the agreed end time in the case of an emergency or if there is a case of serious disorder, intoxication or the discovery of illicit substances within the event.  


29. You assume full responsibility for you and your guests (including contractors) and will be liable for any damage that occurs at a Participating Establishment by you or your guests. In the event of any damages caused by you or your guests, your credit card details or any deposit provided may be applied toward repairs, cleaning and/or restoration of the premise to its original condition.

30. You are responsible for any equipment hired by us for your event.  In the circumstance that equipment is damaged, you will be responsible for the total cost. Any excessive breakages, damages to walls, floors, fixings or furniture will be charged to you.  


31. The staff and management at each Participating Establishment endeavour to ensure that your and your guest’s property and belongings are protected. However, we offer no guarantee of this and accept no responsibility for property that is lost, stolen or damaged during you and your guest’s time at a Participating Establishment.


32. Star reserves the right to determine events at which security guards are required at all times, and you agree to pay for these services stipulated in your booking contract.  


33. In the event of conflict between these general terms and the specific conditions stipulated by a Participating Establishment from time to time, the latter will prevail.