Gear Street Union

Gear Street Festival

This month, we kick off with a bang as we transport you straight to New Mexico on June 7th! Enjoy our Birria Tacos, and special cocktails: El Salavador, and Firing Squad.

Mark your calendars for the first Friday of every month from 4 to 9PM, because we'll be bringing the America's to Petone! Every month, we'll feature different cuisines, cocktails, and beats from a different state in America. So come and enjoy the soulful sounds of Nashville, the spicy flavours of New Mexico, the jazz-infused cocktails of New Orleans, the bold tastes of Texas, the cosmopolitan vibe of New York, the vibrant energy of Miami, and the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles.


We'll serve special dishes such as hot wings, brisket, tacos, shrimp rolls and sliders and pour themed cocktails to get your juices flowing. Plus, we'll be playing music from Taylor Swift, Shakira, Beyonce, AC/DC, Eminem, and more!


Keep your eyes peeled for further details - Good folks, great times.

Walk-ins welcome, but bookings are encouraged.

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Gear Street Festival
Bringing the America's to Petone!
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