StarSocial Membership Levels

What are StarSocial Membership levels?
StarSocial Membership Levels are another way to enjoy discounts and savings over and above earning 10% back. To access StarSocial Membership levels, simply earn the required amount of StarPoints within 12 months of your first transaction date (Date of Assessment). Once the required level of StarPoints is reached, StarSocial Membership Level Benefits will automatically unlock and be applied at the time of sale.  StarSocial Membership Level Benefits rollover at the end of the 12-month period following your Date of Assessment. For more details see our Membership Level Terms & Conditions.

How do I know what Membership Level I am at?
View your Level Credit and Membership Level on the Home Screen of the App, or ask staff the next time you visit.  

If I spend StarPoints does this impact my Membership Level total?
Your rolling tally of StarPoints is captured separately. This means you can still redeem StarPoints without this affecting your Membership Level.